Monday, November 21, 2011

Black Friday, Brown Saturday, and Cyber Monday 2011

There is a lot of new things coming this year to the typical Black Friday turnout. The biggest difference this year is start times for the sales, Wal-Mart is starting at 10:00pm Thursday night which has actually stirred up quite a bit of controversy because many people believe shopping shouldn’t get in the way of the family time of thanksgiving, but many retailers are starting deals on thanksgiving anyway. Target, Bestbuy, and a couple others are opening at 12:01 Friday morning. This has been an interesting turn out from the typical open at 4 or 5 am in years passed. It will be interesting to see if it will calm down the typical injuries associated with Black Friday to split up the opening times more. One big problem I can foresee is that some people who go at 10, and 12 will be getting miniscule amount of sleep for when some of the others open at 5 or 6. In my experience the only thing worse than the crowds are grumpy tired crowds. Almost all the ads have been revealed or leaked, if you want to view the scans (Walmart ad Scans) (Target ad Scans) (Best Buy ad Scans).

So this got a question started for me, do I venture into the eternal swarm of frantic shoppers just to save some money? Or do I just try going on Brown Saturday (nicknamed that because some times its super crowded and all the good deals are sold out) or just wait for Cyber Monday. I prefer online shopping to regular stores anyway, but many sites are starting an online deals week, with exclusive black Friday deals, and Cyber Monday specials too. I am wondering if the notion of “Black Friday” may start to fade away, and some marketing director will name it something like Gushing Savings Week, or Deal-A-Bananza Week. (I hope neither of those get used because they will just call it Black Friday week, or something like that).

So what am I to do, well these deals always make me realize that buying anything electronic throughout the year is meaningless when I can get it severely discounted if I tough out the Jungle of consumers. I am just going to shoot for online deals this year, I dislike the crowds and seeing the worst in humanity for a $20 of savings. Every Year Amazon has spoiled me with amazing week long deals Amazon's Black Friday Week
and exclusives for Cyber Monday. So this year I am going to sit this one out, so far none of the in store deals are amazing enough to risk my life over.

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