Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You are not a Designer, and I am not a Musician Article Discussion

You are not a Designer, and I am not a Musician Article Discussion

This article is about how many hobbyists are calling themselves designers. It goes more into explaining how a true designer, constantly looks into improving their skill. They do more than just sticking to one style to fit all solutions. A true designer is willing to put aside their style, and find what is unique about the company and translate it into the web medium. He also made good arguments on how if you take a picture with a cell phone, it doesn’t make you a photographer, if you sing in the shower it doesn’t make you a professional singer. Now this isn’t to say that you should give, up on making websites. You can become a designer, but it requires a lot of dedication and constant practice.

I think this is a very good article that helps explain how many people enjoy doing something on the side, and expect to be paid a designers salary to do imitation work. There are a lot more steps that designers have to learn, which is why they deserve to be paid more than just hobbyists. The article also mentions how when you see a really neat website and you take a look at the designers gallery, you realize it was just a one hit wonder, its looks like a happy accident. Now I know that not every website is going to be groundbreaking and win awards, but if you look at the profile of a designer, and realize that they just repeated the same layout 32 different ways, the concept of them being a designers quickly fleets away.

So what we come away with this article is a question are we working towards being a designer? Or are we down the path of web fads and same stylization? “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black” – Henry Ford. We need to make sure were not thinking along Mr. Fords logic here, the customer can have any style as long as its mine. We need to think what bests represents our clients beliefs, actions, and company, and how will this website aid them for the future?

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